Pork Prices

Butchering Charge $  22.00 for a Whole Hog
Processing : Cut, Wrap, Freeze
(This includes double wrapping)
$  .55/lb
(To make cutlets or run any steaks through the cuber.)
$  5.00 for a Whole Hog
Bacon $  .60/lb to cure, smoke, slice and package
Pepper Bacon $   1.10/lb to cure, pepper, smoke, slice and package
Maple Cured Bacon $  .60/lb
Cured Ham, Hocks and Loin $  .45/lb to cure, smoke, slice hams, hocks &/or smoked pork chops
Cure boneless shaved ham $  1.00/lb to debone, cure, smoke & shave boneless ham
Canadian Bacon
(If you pick canadian bacon you lose pork chops.)
$   .60/lb made out of boneless pork loin
Seasoning Sausage
(The price is the same for mild, average or hot.)
$  .30/lb to season and package
Cajun Breakfast Sausage $   .50/lb to season and package
Italian Sausage $   .75/lb to season, stuff and package
Link Sausage
(Approx. 2-oz. links)
$   .75/lb (Approx. 2-oz. links)
Maple Link Sausage $   .75/lb
Italian Link Sausage
(Stuffed in bratwurst sized casing.)
$  1.00/lb to season, stuff and package
$  1.00/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Brats $ 1.75/lb
Reuben Brats
(Brats with sauerkraut and cheddar cheese.)
$  1.50/lb
Bacon Cheddar Brats
(Brats with bacon and cheddar cheese.)
$  2.00/lb
Chili Cheese Brats $  2.00/lb
Spicy Bratwurst $  1.35/lb
Beer Brats
(We use Guinness stout in these brats. You’d better like beer if you order these!)
$  2.00/lb
Pork Polish Sausage
(Cooked polish sausage made out of 100% pork.)
$  1.60/lb