Beef Prices

Item Price
Buthering Charge $50.00 for a Whole Beef
Emergency Butchering Charge
(Animal that is brought in after hours or on weekends)
Processing : Cut, Wrap, Freeze
(This includes double wrapping.)
Paper Wrapping Burger
(We stuff the burger in plastic bags. Paper wrapping upon request.)
Ground Beef Patties
(1/3 or 1/4 lb patties)
Tenderizing Round or Cube Steak $5.00 for Whole Beef,
$2.50 per Half or Quarter
Cooked Roast Beef
(We will season & cook your roast for you and c-o-v in 1 lb packages)
Cajun Burger Patties
(To season and make into 1/3 lb patties)
Onion Burger Patties
(To season and make into 1/3 lb patties)
Dill Pickle Patties $1.00/lb
Pizza Burger Patties $1.00/lb
Beef Bacon $1.00/lb to Cure,
Smoke and Slice
Dried Beef $2.50/lb to Season,
Cook and Slice
Salami or Summer Sausage $1.65/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Log $1.99/lb
Polish Sausage or Weiners $1.69/lb
Cheddar Dogs $1.99/lb
Beef Stix or Spicy Beef Stix $2.25/lb
Hickory Stix $2.50/lb
Chipotle Jack Stix $2.99/lb
Processed Jerky
Flavors: Regular, Pepper, BBQ, Hot Teriyaki Jerky
Whole Muscle Jerky
(This can only be made from your rounds)
Flavors: Cajun, Buckpoint, Hickory, Teriyaki, Habenero BBQ Jerky