To our deer customers

Thank you for entrusting us to process your deer!

Tips to make the experience as painless as possible:

- Please give us your cell phone number (not a friends or family members). If you are dropping off a deer for someone else you must have the permit holders contact information.

- We will text you when your deer is ready to pick up. We ask that you have your deer picked up within 2 weeks after we notify you. Any longer and we may charge storage fees. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR DEER BACK IN A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME, unless you pay a rush fee.

- If you have a donated deer you must have a game custody transfer tag filled out by the permit holder.

- We will not accept a deer if you do not know how you want it cut. We must have instructions before you leave the building.

What to expect

All sausage quantities listed on the invoice are in pounds. Not packages.

Jerky dries down to 1/3 of the original weight. The invoice lists starting (wet) weight. If you are billed for 9 pounds of jerky you will have 3 pounds to take home (not packages).

We add pork trim to everything but Dried Deer and Jerky.

If you ask for 10 pounds of Summer sausage (or anything but jerky and dried deer) you will be billed for 10 pounds and you will take home 10 pounds.

Donating Deer

All deer donated or "given away" to someone must be accompanied by a "GAME CUSTODY TAG." The Oxford Locker, Inc. will not check-in deer for anyone other than the permit holder without a "GAME CUSTODY TAG." Game Custody Tags are available at:

Please have the Game Custody Tag with you when you check-in deer at the Oxford Locker, Inc. along with the $120 deposit.

We require a deposit on deer being donated as well.

We process numerous products

and specialty smokehouse items made from your deer

. . . including the best Deer Jerky in the state of Nebraska!

Deer Processing Prices

Oxford Locker charges $120.00 to cut, wrap and freeze your deer. There is no additional charge to skin your deer.

We require the $120.00 Deposit when you drop off your deer.

You must bring your cancelled permit along with your deer and/or boned out deer trim.

There is a $40 charge to field cape your deer.

All deer must be field dressed. An extra $100.00 will be charged if your deer is not properly field dressed.


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