Donating Deer

All deer donated or "given away" to someone must be accompanied by a "GAME CUSTODY TAG." The Oxford Locker, Inc. will not check-in deer for anyone other than the permit holder without a "GAME CUSTODY TAG." Game Custody Tags are available at:

Please have the Game Custody Tag with you when you check-in deer at the Oxford Locker, Inc. along with the $120 deposit.

We require a deposit on deer being donated as well.

We process numerous products

and specialty smokehouse items made from your deer

. . . including the best Deer Jerky in the state of Nebraska!

Deer Processing Prices

Oxford Locker charges $120.00 to cut, wrap and freeze your deer. There is no additional charge to skin your deer.

We require the $120.00 Deposit when you drop off your deer.

You must bring your cancelled permit along with your deer and/or boned out deer trim.

There is a $40 charge to field cape your deer.

All deer must be field dressed. An extra $100.00 will be charged if your deer is not properly field dressed.