Deer Processing Prices

The Oxford Locker charges $120.00 to cut, wrap and freeze your carcass deer.

There is no additional charge to skin your deer.

We require the $120.00 Deposit when you drop off your carcass deer.

You must bring your cancelled permit along with your deer and/or boned out deer trim.

There is a $40 charge to field cape your deer.

All deer must be field dressed. An extra $100.00 will be charged if your deer is not properly field dressed.

Boneless deer trim must be in clear food grade bags. We will NOT accept boneless deer trim in shopping bags or trash bags.

Pork is added to all items indicated with an asterisk. *

Item Price
Bacon Burger $1.99/lb
Breakfast Sausage $.65/lb
Onion Burger $.99/lb
Salami* $2.49/lb
Summer Sausage* $2.49/lb
Hawaiian Summer Sausage* $3.99/lb
Polish Sausage* $2.69/lb
Pepper Jack Polish* $3.19/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst* $3.39/lb
Cheddar Dogs* $3.19/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Logs* $2.99/lb
Chipotle Jack Stix* $3.49/lb
Deer Stix* $2.99/lb
Spicy Stix* $2.99/lb
Deer Jerky $2.79/lb
BBQ Jerky $3.49/lb
Sweet Chipotle Jerky $3.49/lb
Hot Teriyaki Jerky $3.19/lb
Dried Deer $2.49/lb